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Footpedal for flatlap?

I have an extra footpedal, the kind used for a flex shaft. I was
thinking of using it on my flat lap so I can hold an intarsia that
I’m working on with two hands while turning on/off the flat lap and
adjusting speed. Just wondering if the footpedal is safe for use
basically with any motor? I of course don’t want to damage my flat

Hi Todd

I use a footpedal that I bought from Micro Mark on my Ameritool and
All U Need flat lap - works great, as a matter of fact, I have it on
three of them! It is a bit smaller than the larger one for the
Foredom. It works at a variable speed with the foot pressure I give
it! I have even considered putting one on the Ameritool Trim Saw - I
think it would work there too.

Rose Marie Christison

Generally, the variable speed foot controls like you use on your flex
shaft work on “universal motors” and NOT on “AC induction” motors. If
the motor has carbon brushes, like a flex shaft motor, it should
work. It will also work on the Giles wax pens (set control to high,
use foot speed control to control heat). It will even work on a
regular table lamp (regular light bulb).

The Jewelry Equipment Dr.