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Follow up to Scanning jewelry

Hi all–Want to let you know results of trying to scan necklaces
with dangling parts. Tried lifting the scanner by propping up
one end, and also, gingerly, by standing scanner on it’s side.
Results were OK but not great, because the dangles moved around
anyway. (I lined the bottom of a large gift box with black
velvet, and then put it over the arrangement to keep out the
extra light. That part worked pretty well) Then I spoke to a
computer maven who said under NO circumstances should the scanner
be tilted or turned over. Apparently there are some moveable
parts inside, like a mirror, which can become dislocated and ruin
the scanner. So I got really worried, came home and apologized
to the scanner for mistreating it. So far,it seems to be OK.
but I wouldn’t try it again. Sandra/ ElegantBee

Apologize, as well you should (just kidding)! . . . To
accomplish the required darkness, just through a large towel over
the scanner when the scanner lid is open due to the size and
thickness of the item being scanned…


Thanks for sharing the info about not tilting the scanner. I
had a feeling that was a no-no, but thought since it was never
mentioned I might try it. I won’t now. I was recently told
about a great image editing program by another list member. It
is called Micrografx Picture Publisher. The latest version
includes a “light studio” which allows you to place effects such
as flood(s) and spot(s) lights on your image, change the
appearance of ambient light, etc., etc., etc. This program has
made a significant improvement in my direct scanned images. Some
of them now appear to have some depth of field and shadow areas.
You can change the placement of the floods and their intensity,
too. There is a demo version available for download. 35mm or
digital photos are still best way to go, but in the
meantime… Email me off list if you want more info.

Nancy <@nbwidmer >
ICQ# 9472643
Bacliff, Texas US on the Gulf Coast just blocks from Galveston Bay

Hi Gang,


I noticed a Memorex SCF9360P scanner listed in a Tiger
(800-888-4437) PC catalog I received lately. It’s listed as a 3D
scanner with increased depth of field…

The specs listed are:
300 X 600 dpi optical resolution
30 bit color
10 bit grey scale
1 bit b/w error diffusion
Halftone/line art
8 1/2 x11 scan area
Win 95, 3.1 & NT4.0  Compatible
Price $59.99
No software was listed.