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Follow up to Laser

One thing more about choosing a laser. It would be a good idea to
get a copy of the scheduled maintence regime and the cost of the
parts. I have found that these can vary tremendously. Just today I
checked into the price of a water filter for my laser. The company I
bought my laser from suggests that it be changed every year. Other
companies say change every 2 years. The company I bought my laser
from said $325. Called a competitor and theirs was $150. Don’t know
if the parts are compatible. If they are, you know where my money is
going! Check prices on replacement parts like filters, flash lamps,
safety coated chamber viewing glass, deionized H2O, etc. Best
Regards, Bob Staley B.Staley, Goldsmiths Precision Laser Welding

Bob: (and anyone else with a laser) I would like to pick your pea
about your laser welder. Please get ahold of me. 218 326 5206 or

I think Bob S. hit the nail on the head when he said that the deciding
factor as to whether or not to buy a laser was if the machine will pay
for itself. In my case I have a number for goldsmiths and I think the
machine has saved me from having to hire another by speeding everyone
up a little. So that alone justifies its purchase. Beyond that it
improved our quality and expanded the range of work we accept. But for
someone who has different circumstances, it may be simply not cost
effective. You have to resist buying a cool tool if it doesn’t make
sense for you. That 30K+ could do alot of other
things for you. Mark