Flying to shows

There is a cloisonn=E9 jewelry artist I have met at shows that flies
to most of her events. She packs all her work in her carry on bag. In
a very large hard sided suitcase she packs her entire set-up besides
the tent. The tent is an easy up and she uses collapsible water
filled weights to hold it down. Her set-up is an abstracta with plexi
shelves and fabric she uses as a backdrop and to wrap the base of the
abstracta, she overlaps and drapes it all very nicely. She hangs
several large, plexi sandwiched photos to complete the display.
Considering how light her packing is it looks pretty good. She tries
to stay at a close-by hotel with a shuttle service and they will
often take her to the show and sometimes the nice young driver will
help her set up for a few minutes.

On the other hand I haven’t seen her since 9/11 and wonder how much
more of a hassle it might be. In addition, I wouldn’t want to be her
neighbor in a storm because of concerns over how well a lightweight
easy-up with filled water jugs as weights might ride it out.