Fluxshaft maintenance

Can anyone tell me more about what could possibly be wrong with my
fluxshaft. I bought it used and after I use it for awhile to clean,
I’ll push on the pedal and it just clicks. However, I usually can get
it to go again after I step on the pedal over again.

I checked the brush and that is fine, the foredom shaft is very
dirty. But I have oil for it. What is the best way to clean the
foredom shaft too?

Thank you all,

Hi Rachel,

Have you checked both motor brushes? They need to be replaced when
they are worn down to 1/4" or less. If that isn’t the problem you
might check the trigger switch in the speed control foot pedal. Also
blow out the accumulated carbon dust and debris in the motor with
canned or compressed air with the motor brushes removed. That debris
causes arching and shorts in the motor. You should never use oil as
a lubricant for the flexible shafting only a high temperature type of
grease. Oil or low temperature grease will liquify and run down into
your handpiece causing it to run hot and prematurely wearing the
bearings. Foredom has Maintenance video on our website showing how
to take care of your machine. If your flexshaft is a Foredom and you
still can’t get it running you can send it back to us for a free
estimate for repair. If you have any further questions you can call
me at 203-792-8622.

Mike Zagielski
Foredom Sales Manager

He he he…

I have been using my Foredom for 20 years with zero maintenance.
Knock on wood!