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Flux Jar

Does anyone know of a flux jar that doesnt "bleed " and turn
into a crystalized blob resembling a wine bottle cum
candleholder from th e 70"s, and where I might find one? More
specifically I’m refering to a container for the blue gas flux
(boric acid and alcohol). I started using a needled bottle and a
plunger type bottle for the batterns and I’m very pleased with
Thanks, Peter Slone

The best flux botles are those minature jam or jelly jars that
good restaurants give you at breakfast. Pierce a hole in the top
for your flux brush . Voila!

call your tool house and ask for grobet flux bottle. we use in
our shop all benches have one we clean the pump 1 a week. jvp

Hi Peter, I have used an epothecary type jar that is squarish
with a glass top. They have a plastic seal around the lid that
squonches down into the mouth of the jar and provides a nice
airtight seal. Before that, I just rinsed out the jar with hot
water, occasionally. I find these at Walmart, usually, and they
come in different sizes. I use one that is big enough to fit a
bracelet in. That’s also where I find boric acid in a large
size for 4-5 bucks. Curtis