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Flush setting

Hi all, i have a couple of questions about flush setting as a beginner at this technique . My attempts at flush setting with 3mm cz have left me a bit confused.
I’ve read articles and posts that suggest the stone should click into place , I used stone setting burr after small drill and a ball burr . Pushing metal over stone seems difficult as there doesn’t seem to be enough metal over the stone and it looks untidy .
How do you use a hart burr to get the groove for stone to sit in ?
I do go to a jewellery class run by an experienced silversmith which is great but any tips or advice would be helpful as I now want to get to grips with this technique . Jewellery is mainly my hobby but I do sell a few pieces on etsy .
I love this site and have just become a member , although I did used to visit here about 5 years ago and had great help from members then with bezel setting etc . Trish

I was recently struggling with a similar issue, and one big thing I was
missing was cutting the seat deep enough. With the help of a trusted
jeweler looking over my shoulder she was able to see that for my 3mm stones
I needed to go deep enough so that you can only see the top half of the
barrel-portion of the stone setting bur (the rest should be down in the
metal and hidden). I like using the regular stone setting bur, too, because
it’s easier for me to see if I’m going straight up and down.

I also use relatively soft stones so I don’t usually hear a click. I know
it’s in there, though, because I can’t pry it out with just a toothpick or
pull it out with wax.

Hope this is helpful for you.


Thank you Sara , I’ll make sure I drill deeper . Also had difficulty keeping it level . Need lots of practice I think. I’ll let you know how I get on.