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Flush Set stones?

Hi everyone

I was just looking through a jewellery trade magazine…(no names
will be ever mentioned). I saw a nice looking piece of fine
jewellery with some ‘flush set’ stones. It appears to have been
named ‘flush-set’ by the author of the article & the designer. In my
humble opinion, & I’m only speaking for myself here!..These are not
Gypsy/Flush set! Why are there so many little ‘wires/hooks’ so
noticeable in the photograph? Now compare those pictures against my
version. which will be more acceptable & eye appealing?..(Sorry
about the ‘poor pixel’ photograph.)

Gerry Lewy

I agree. Your ring picture is flush set; the others are prong
(elongated bead) set. Interesting technique though.

Bob Kase

Yeah Gerry that is pseudo flush set. someone didn’t want to chip the
stone. eventually it will fall out.


I definitely prefer the look of true gypsy/flush set stones. It would
appearto me that the the settings in the jewellery in question, are
too big for the stones, hence the “stitches” being necessary. They
spoil the look for me. In the close up picture, you can see space
around the stones.


Gerald- We used to call that kind of setting “Prick Setting” It’s an
old technique and still used mostly in cheap imported goods. Fine for
necklaces but not strong enough to stand up in daily ring wear. I
know because I’ve had to replace many melle in mountings like that.

Have fun and make lots of jewelry.

Jo Haemer