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Floating diamond clear material

I am making a pendant for a customer, It is to duplicate a piece she
already has. It is a gold frame, with some kind of clear material.
“Floating” in the material a diamond is placed. I have tried all
kinds of clear materials, but have not found one to work nicely.
Either turns yellow, too many bubbles, or wont cure. Any ideas? I
have tried jewelers epoxy-turns yellow. Polyurethane, turns yellow.
Ceramit, wont cure as its a good 1/4 inch. Any ideas would be

The piece you are referring to is from the 1970’s and was known then
as Diamonds On Ice. The material that the Diamond is in is Lucite.

Happy Holidays
Greg DeMark

Hi J.J.W

Why not try “Liquid Plastic” - The stuff they use to make display
pieces of insects/objects in a clear Acrylic or we called it
"Perspex" Cube.


You could set it in glass. A bead maker would be able to help you.