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Flexshaft Handpiece Tidbits

Hi All,

Just to clarify an issue with the #30 handpiece. The #30 handpiece
with the Jacobs Chuck is the official one from Foredom. Other
handpieces that have #30a or the ilk, are copies. Why is this
important? If you are using the Foredom Drill Press (handy little
tool). the circumference tolerance is very tight and copies will jam.
The Jacobs chuck on the Foredom is the real deal and is very sturdy
and durable.

One more point on the #30, or a similar Jacob chuck style, I bet you
have wondered why there are the three little indentations up at the
top of the Jacob chuck jaws. When you attach an accessory, you need
to tighten the jaws around the mandrel or drill bit, three times,
meaning to tighten at each indentation. This allows for an even
distribution of compression on your mandrel. Why is this important?
If you are going between a very heavy carbide bur with a thick
mandrel to a tiny and slender drill bit, an even three step
tightening will ensure that your handpiece won’t end up with a
wobble. I’ve seen wobble, and a spinning wobbling tiny drill bit is

For Quickchange, make sure you keep an accessory locked into the jaw
at all times. This is actually the “relaxed” position for the
interior spring mechanism. When you turn the side handle to change a
mandrel, the internal springs compress, placing strain on the
handpiece. Letting your quick change sit without a mandrel in the jaw
will shorten its lifespan.

A tidbit, but a good tidbit.


Karen Christians