Flexshaft handpiece comparison

Hello friends,

I’m in the market for a new handpiece. I have never used the ARBE
model ($38) and was wondering if there’s anyone out there who has
done a comparison of their handpiece and the Foredom #30 ($65).

Your thoughts?

Jeff Herman

HI Jeffrey

have not tried the Arbe hand piece but use the #30 Foredom for all
round work, but I use the quick change Flexi - HP Foredom H.20SJ for
cutting seats for stones.

It is lighter and easier to hold, seems more accurate.

Those prices are great the #30 is $140 in Australia including tax.

The Flexi - HP Foredom H.20SJ is $203.

That’s what you get living downunder.


Hi Jeff and all I have both Arbe and the Fordome #30 handpieces, I’m
not sure if I can answer your question fairly, as to the 2 makes
because, 1 I have Fordome new handpiece and an old one from 50 years
ago, the newfordome 30 next to the old fordome 30 is much lower in
quality, rougher parts, the jaws do not meet as precisely, the
finish on the hand piece is notas fine, the place/notch where the key
goes is not as accurate and therefore the key does not automatically
fit in everytime. The old fordome is still a very precise hand piece
handleing a size 80 drill bit no problem, where as the new Frdm 30
takes a little work to make the #80 drill sit right. Having said all
this the new Arbe #30 hand piece is very similar to the new Fordome.
I personally have reserved those hand pieces for rough work. They
are definitely hard working workhorses. Similar to each other. I
personallylike the Arbe because it is a smaller company. Personal
customer service is very good. Hratch