Flexshaft book at Tucson?

I suppose this is a question for Karen Christians :slight_smile: Will there be
copies of “Making the Most of Your Flex-shaft” available anywhere in

Al Balmer
Sun City, AZ

Making the Most of Your Flex-shaft
By Karen Christians
Price: $34.95

Volume One in the “Orchid in Print: Maximum Bench Work” Series.
A Collaboration between Manufacturing Jewelers & Suppliers of
America and The Ganoksin Project.

Making the Most of Your Flex-shaft is the one resource you’ll
need to ensure you gain maximum advantage from your flex-shaft
system. Learn how to select the right system, how to choose and
use the latest accessories and attachments, and how to properly
maintain your system for extended life. See why so many jewelers
are reading this book and discovering what they didn’t know
about their flex-shaft systems!


Hi Al,

I know the book can be ordered through Rio Grande at Catalog in
Motion and the book should be on display either there or at the MJSA
Booth at CIM. I have donated one to the silent auction, so if you
are attending the Orchid Dinner, you can bid on one there.

Karen Christians


Generally you will find this book along with many others at Rio’s
Catalog in Motion. They have an extensive display in the Lobby area
of the Tucson East Hilton. Many times the Authors are there to
autograph their books.