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Flexibility of titanium

I have a question about the flexibility of titanium. I have a customer with a titanium fixture that was in their shoulder. They are wanting to make a ring out of it. Is it possible to form this rectangular, flat piece of titanium into a ring? I do not normally work with titanium, so any information will be helpful! Thank you, in advance for any help that I receive.

Hi Scott,
There arnt any titanium smiths here on this forum except my self.
I can help you but its off forum. So mail me at
Ill need pictures of the piece you have to rework, with dimensions. Im in dorset UK but help folks world wide.
Await your email.

Titanium is easiest to forge hot. It work hardens fast when cold forming. As joining is pracically impossible without special equipment, I usually cut a disc with a hole, heat it bright yellow with the torch and open it up to size on a mandrel. Kind of like making a coin ring. I use unalloyed titanium so I don’t know how that surgical plate will behave, but in theory it should work.

If you want to make a ring with an open seam, then you can also forge or cut it to shape and bend it round as usual. Titanium can be a bit hard, especially if work hardened. Heat helps. You can actually forge titanium like steel if you have the equipment (forge and anvil).


Emil, thank you for the information.