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Flex shafts


My foredoom flexible shaft tool of almost forty years is giving out.
It is one of those tools that I have always said that, if it breaks,
I will just get a new one. I have read the descriptions of the
various current models, but would appreciate comments from those who
have purchased one more recently than I. My use is fairly general
and confined to grinding and sanding applications mainly with an
occasional bur, saw blade, power hammer, and drill applications. I
don’t set faceted stones nor do I do any graving. That is not to say
that this will not be the case in the future, so I should stay open
to this possibility. I am also open to other manufacturers, but it
is hard to argue with forty years of almost daily service. look
forward to hearing from the Orchid. Thanks. Rob

Rob Meixner


I have 3-4flex shaft motors, the one I like and always seem to
gravitate to for carcing and heavy grinding even with 3 inch discs,
is my ARBE flex shaft 1/4 hp all american made and will take any
regular flex shaft hand piece, price is extremly competetive with
the asian made machines and I think the machine is better then the
TX models 1/3hp of the fordome which are selling for over US$300 for
the motor alone. Arbe is a family run company I believe out of NY.


Rob you didn’t state what was giving out on the flex shaft. Most of
the parts are replaceable at allot less cost than a new one. if it’s
power it may be as simple as cleaning the windings a bit a throwing
in new brushes. I have one that is pushing 50 years old.



Hi Rob,

It could be that your Foredom just needs lubricating or new brushes.
There are a number of videos on Youtube of maintenance on Foredom
motors. The Foredom. net site lists maintenance kits. Brushes are $9
and maintenance kits about $18. You can also get bearings for the
handpieces from some people, but I couldn’t scare up any listings for
bearings for the actual motor itself. However, Foredom has a repair
service, and you can send in your unit for a quote for repair.

If you can trace what is wrong you may want to just buy a new
handpiece or flexible shaft assembly if that is what is wrong. I have
notice a knockoff of the Faro handpiece very cheap on ebay, so if
it’s parts, you might check there if you’re willing to deal with ebay
and the Chinese.

If your actual motor is the problem and it isn’t brushes, you might
want to send it for a quote, since it seems you can’t just buy a
motor without the flexshaft and controller that I could see at the
Foredom site.

If you are a little adventurous and your motor needs work, there
ought to be a motor repair shop in any fairly large town which could
handle this and match the bearings even if they are not available
from Foredom.

If you need something to tide you over while your Foredom is gone, I
find dremel tools for sale in the pawn shops for about $10 to $15. I
am guessing you can now buy a Chinese knock off of the Foredom pretty
cheap, but I guess a lot of jewelry types would not look at one of

Hope this is helpful. Do a little research and the old gal may run
another 40 years…


Foredom with a techno handpiece has been with me for years


Brushes are super easy on these. Shafts can be lubed. Try Graphite



Do you know where I could get an old Flex Shaft Machine Repaired? I
asked the maintenance department at our school, but they can’t fix
it. Thanks!

Karen M. Gallagher
Art Teacher, BFA, M. ed


There are too excellent people who are excellent repair service man.

Paragon Repairs
(954) 434-8191
6861 SW 196TH AVE Ste.404
Ft. Lauderdale
jeff at

the other is
Jewelry Equip. Doc
(208) 267-1683
1626 Kings Row Road
Bonners Ferry
johncranor at

Andy “The Tool Guy” Kroungold


Just occurred to me that it could be the foot pedal also. Not sure
what the symptoms were


If you think that it could be thefoot pedal. than you may need to
purchase a New foot pedal and the LUCAS #9 LowBoy should be your
choice. You can contact us by email: [Lucadent at] or cal
Mon-Fri 8:00am - 3:00pm (800)-332-5573…just a thought! Dick
DeLuca. customer service. Lucas Dental Co.