Flex shafts & pedals

I have been thinking about getting a newer...."better" flex shaft
and or foot pedal. Currently I have the basic......an old Foredom
Series-R, a #30, a quick release and a hammer handpiece. My foot
pedal isn't running very smoothly, sticky at excelleration, and so
using the hammer, or setting stones is a bit tricky. Is this a
foot pedal problem? or a flex shaft problem? or both? Does one
need different shaft machines for different jobs? And what about
different brands? What's your advice and experience? 

Mary Ann, I have an older Series R machine (0-14,000), and like the
constant torque feature. I, too, was considering adding a Series L
machine for better control of slow-speed operations such as
repetitive prong-type stone mountings, for which I wanted a better
method of control. Instead, I decided to replace the standard foot
control with a combination of the EMR-1 Electronic Manual Speed
Control and FCT on/off foot switch (both from Foredom). You can set
the dial on the EMR-1 and it stays at the set speed until you change
it. The foot switch just turns the power on or off. If you should
decide to get the EMR-1 be sure to get the FCT because all of the
other foot switches are speed controls and introduce additional
impedance, which can alter the operation of the EMR-1. This two
part rig cost me $90, which is less money and somewhat more
efficient than having two separate flex rigs.

In the event your motor is the problem, you should first check to
see if you have the ball bearing or still older sleeve type.
Foredom has everything from brushes to full maintenance kits for
both R types. The people at Foredom were very helpful, and I
ordered the FCT directly from them over the phone. As of now, I see
no need to get another flex tool.

If I can be of further help, feel free to email me directly.

Tom N