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Flex Shafts & Pedals


Greetings, I thought that there would be no better source for
than to ask the masters out there, and so… I have been
thinking about getting a newer…“better” felx shaft and or foot
pedal. Currently I have the basic…an old Foredom Series-R, a
#30, a quick release and a hammer handpiece. My foot pedal isn’t
running very smoothly, sticky at excelleration, and so using the
hammer, or setting stones is a bit tricky. Is this a foot pedal
problem? or a flex shaft problem? or both? Does one need different
shaft machines for different jobs? And what about different brands?
What’s your advice and experience?

I hope some of you out there who love your machines will enlighten
me. Thanks for your input.

Mary Ann Archer


Hi Mary Ann,

Currently I have the basic an old Foredom Series-R, a #30, a
quick release and a hammer handpiece. My foot pedal isn't running
very smoothly, sticky at excelleration, and so using the hammer,
or setting stones is a bit tricky.  

Maybe you don’t really need a whole new unit. Could be the foot
pedal is the cause of the problem. The foot pedal can be replaced by
itself. Since the ‘R’ has a feedback loop built in, it requires a
foot pedal made for the ‘R’. Rio Grande lists the ‘R’ model foot
pedal (item 117-040) at $67.00. It might also pay to give the motor &
flexshaft a once over. Check the brushes in the motor, give the
motor bearings a drop or two of oil, remove, clean & lubricate the



It sounds definitely like a foot-pedal problem to me Mary Ann, but I
have never had mine apart to see what would be involved in cleaning
it. Generally (at least in my shop) that foot pedal is probably in
almost the worst place it could be in terms of gathering debris. I
would suggest (albeit with the above disclaimer ) that a good
cleaning might straighten it right up.



Greetings Mary Ann, I just got the Foredom TX. It is a bit pricey
but well worth it considering my first flex shaft is 27 years old,
has seen heavy use and is still running well. The TX has great torque
at all speeds, and very smooth controlled acceleration. I love having
2 flex shafts at my bench- those incremental 30 second time savings
really add up in the course of a week. HTH Kate Wolf in snowy
Portland, Maine- 18.5 inches of the fluffy stuff on Christmas day-


Hi Mary Ann

If you are looking for a Hand piece with a chuck No. 30 is the best.
There are others that have collets but we find almost all jewelers
start and keep # 30. They add an additional (or more than one) motor
with a quick release (3/32" shaft) had piece.

Popular Quick Release Hand Pieces are the Swedish Techno (now made
in Swiss), Italian Faro, Austrian WH, US Foredom and a hammer hand
piece from Swiss (Badeco).

Foot Pedals The Electronic foot pedals have been very popular The
manufacturers that have had success are Foredom, Buffalo and Lucas.

I wish I could go in depth But I will let other experienced
Orchidians jump into this.

Kenneth Singh.


Sounds like a pedal problem to me as well. There is a cleaning spray
that you can use to clean out the pedal. Most Radio Shacks and other
electronics/ computer hardware stores have it. I use it for lots of
stuff, cleaning tape off cases on computers, cleaning almost
anything, it leaves no residue, and is non toxic. Evaporates very
quickly though.

I think the Endust company has something like this too, I would be
doing this before I thought of replacing the foot pedal

Cheers… Tim Randles
Edmonton Alberta


Mary Ann, I use both an old Foredom Series CC and a newer Series S,
both with Foredom’s heavy duty SCT-1 foot speed control. I used to
use the standard one that originally came with the Series CC and have
found the SCT-1 to be much better, more control. The SCT-1, I
believe, has been replaced by the Series SCH, which is also an
electronic speed control. I recommend trying it.

Joel Schwalb


Mary Ann Archer,

My company Lucas Dental Co. is one of the leading manufacturers of
solid state foot rheostats, Model #9 “Low-Boy”.

We are also a leading manufacturer of Centrifugal Casting Machines,
#75SS “Senior” (dental) and #750 “Giant” (jewelry).

We sell them (#9 rheostats) everyday at $50.00 each plus shipping,
directly to all Orchid members.

If you or any other Orchid member is interested in purchasing one of
these foot rheostats, please feel free to contact us at toll-free
1-(800) 332-5573.

Thank you, Richard Lucas


Hello Richard – I for one have tried to order from your company on
several occasions and have had absolutely no success. I have also
gone to your website more than once to request a catalogue, but have
had no response whatsoever. Until he retired, my father (who was a
dentist) would occasionally get things for me, but it wasn’t
convenient as he was half a continent away. . . there’s such a
crossover in equipment and other products, I would think it would be
a great business opportunity. . .

Laura Wiesler
Stone House Studio


Laura, I can’t imagine who you spoke to at my company on several
occasions where you had absolutely no success.

We would never turn away anyone who was interested in purchasing a
product of ours, whether it was for a Foot Rheostat or a Centrifugal
Casting Machine.

If you ever find yourself interested in one of our products again,
you can call our toll-free number 1-(800) 332-5573 and ask to speak
to me.

PS: Laura, we do not have a website, we have only a page listed
below showing our casting machines.

Sincerely, Richard Lucas…