Flex shafts and pedals

Hi Mary Ann, I have 9 flex shafts 2 of which are “R” series the rest
"S" series. I stopped buying “R” series years ago because I often
ran into what i think is the same problem. When stepping on the
pedal the flex shaft would go from slow to very fast with nothing
between. As stated the “R” has a electronic feedback loop and the
connections are different so they are not interchangeable with the
"S" or other pedals. From time to time I return them directly to
Fordem for repairs. My personal recommendation is the “S” series as
a good reliable work horse that only needs occasional brush
replacement to remain in good working orger.


My flexshaft had become hard to “get started” spinning and then was
erratic. I oiled the shaft “which I hadn’t done for a long time” and
now it is quite responsive. Cary

Cary, and everyone out there in Orchid Land,


Oil will only run down your flex shaft and into your handpiece.

You should use a “High-Temp” type grease which will not run down the
shaft, but will stay on the shaft and silencer spring where it

Or better yet, try contacting the motor manufacturer, Foredom,
Pfingst etc. and ask them what you should use.

Just thought you may want to know…
Sincerely, Richard Lucas

The Fles shaft is probably the most used piece of equipment we have.
It is also probably the most neglected. Check the brushes every now
and then. Worn brushes can cause all sorts of problems. Grease the
shaft. a poorly greased shaft can rob the motor of its power. Good
luck Lee