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Flex Shaft quick release hand piece

Hello Orchidians

I wonder if I can have an explanation… One of my jeweller mentors
has explicitly told me that I should never leave anything in the
quick-release hand-piece of the flex-drive and yet in Karen
Christians book the complete opposite is advised. I would be
grateful for clarification. Thank you.

Kim Griffith

The manufacturer’s directions that came with my Foredom
quick-release hand-piece say to keep something in it at all times.

John Fetvedt
bijoux de terre

Karen is correct, the collet in quick release handpieces is under
tension to tighten around the bur shank when in the “closed or
secure” position. If there is no bur shank in the collet in the
secure or closed position the tension on the collet may cause the
collet fingers to “over tighten” and collapse the slots between the
fingers. You would then need a new cullet as you’re burs that once
fit snugly are now oversized and will not fit into your handpiece. We
have repaired many handpieces that have had this happen. That is why
we include in the quick change handpiece instructions to leave a bur
or mandrel in the collet at all times. If you do not want to leave a
bur in your handpiece you can leave the handpiece in the release or
open position where there is no tension on the collet to close.
However, in the release position the handpiece spindle is locked and
any accidental use of the flex shaft while the spindle is locked may
cause you to break your shaft or duplex spring. I just recommend that
you keep a bur or mandrel in your handpiece when not using it.

Mike Zagielski,
Foredom Sales Manager

Thanks Mike and John - can’t get better than that! I was sure Karen
was right but the gentleman in question would require explanation
from me I’m quite sure since he has many fold years my experience in
this wonderful art!

Now I can give him a reason! I appreciate your time.
:slight_smile: Kimmyg