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Flex shaft motor seems loud

I have a s series foredom and the motor seem to loud. Everything works fine no vibration but the motor souds like a turbine engine when running.

Chris, have you checked the brushes?
You can take them out and turn them
90 degrees and try it again.

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Or turn the music up louder?

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It may be that it just sounds that way. My older machine is much quieter I’ve had it for over thirty years.

Also I replaced the brushes today and no difference.

Chris, is it the motor or cable. You can unscrew
the sheath, disconnect the cable unless you
know it is not the cable.
If you take the motor apart, remove
the brushes, can check the bearings and
lubricate them.
Check the commutator, carbon can build up
in the recessed slots between the copper
If the copper plates have grooves in them, you can
lightly sand with very fine sandpaper.

It’s definitely the motor, it makes a whining sound. If I’m not mistaken this motor has sealed berings.

You can get a build up of graphite or whatever it is that the brushes are made of. Blow some compressed air in there to move the dust out.