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Flex shaft manufacturers


There is a flex shaft manufacturer whose name starts with an “A”.
They were mentioned in a recent discussion, but I forgot to write it
down. Can anyone help?. Rob


The flex shaft manufacturer I mentionef wad Arbe, it is based in
upstate NY. They make wax injectors and flex shafts, and polishing
motors, most made in the US. call them for retail outlets for their
flex shafts, in philadelphia, the retail tool out let is Pamma.

Good luck.


I believe that would be Arbe.



was wondering, does foredom have theirs made out of the US


Thanks to Kaleb and Hratch. I will park the Arbe name somewhere
other than the back of my head. Rob


The name of the company is ARBEMACHINE Co. located at 54 Allen
Blvd., Farmingdale, NY 11735 TEL: (631) 756-2477 FAX: (631) 756-2485
EMAIL: Good Luck from Richard Lucas, LUCAS
DENTAL CO. Brooklyn, NY


Good Morning
Pfingst makes their units in the USA.

Mike & Dale @ Lone Star Technical Service, San Antonio, TX


I still use my old Foredom CC’s which work for me.

However what makes them much better for me is that I use 2 of
Richard Lucas’ excellent LUCAS #9 LowBoy SCR Foot Controls.

Regards to all from Niagara,
Dan Taylor

The flex shaft manufacturer I mentionef wad Arbe, it is based in
upstate NY. 

Only someone from the NYC area would call Farmingdale “upstate” :slight_smile:

Al Balmer


I had to laugh at Al Balmer’s comment about “upstate” New York. I
moved to Maryland years ago after going to art school in Washington,
D.C. In both areas I learned to say I was from upstate since no one
seems to recognize that there is a whole state above Manhattan. (I am
from Binghamton, which is considered the “southern tier” there.) I
also changed my description of myself as a gardener. In this rural
area, the garden produces vegetables, period. I now refer to the
yard, and mention rhododendrons, etc. to further qualify my

I also say I “make jewelry”, since my skills even after 12 years of
study hardly qualify me to claim jeweler status. I love it though.

Noralie Katsu