Flex Shaft Lapidary


Lee Epperson’s article is wonderful. There was a warning from some
gentleman about using the flexshaft on opal or other heat sensitive
stones. I know many opal carvers who use the flexshaft–myself
included. Foredom makes a clear plastic guard to fit over the
handpiece. Opal carvers fit the guard with plastic tubing and attach
a gravity flow drip bag (like those used in hospitals) works great
and no heat build-up.

Vi Jones in the great Pacific Northwest. rpcks1x1vi.george (at)

I used to know a master carver who did most of his carving with a
flexshaft on opal, and never used water. If you use only diamond
tips, and not too large, it’s not a problem. I never saw him damage
any opal this way, and it’s much more convenient.

Todd Welti
Research Acoustician
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