Flex shaft-brushes

Hello TR! Just had to add a line on brushes. Since you said you
haven’t worn out brushes on your motors, you have now engaged
"Murphy’s law"! My brushes wear out in 2 to 4 years I’d guess. I
always keep an extra set handy so I have no down time. For those
unfamiliar, the brushes go inside those 2 black discs on the
side of your motor. A less than five minute routine with a
flathead screwdriver renews the motor to smooth running at full

While on the subject, lubricate the “wick” at the top of the
motor per mfg. instructions. Clean off old grease on shaft and
replace with fresh. I do it every year in January.

When you set up your flexshaft, make sure you have it high
enough so when you drop it it can’t hit your tray and ruin your
handpiece, making it operate off-center. This makes burs wear
out prematurely, and close tolerance work difficult. I’ve seen
too many of the quick-change handpieces fall victim running