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Flat open circles

Hello all, I make flat circles out of 16g. silver wire for many of
my designs. I am wondering if there is a better or faster way of
making them. I start with several different sized circles, then
solder them and round them out. I use to hand hammer them flat but I
now have a rolling mill which I use. The main problem is that they
get oval shaped from the mill. I am thinking of trying to sandwich
the circles between two pieces of brass sheet in hopes that the
circles will maintain thier shape. Any other ideas would be greatly

Thank You! Ann in PDX

Hi, Ann, When at Revere academy, I encountered a tool that might help
you, sold by Frie & Borel. It is essentially a round steel block,
with a matching one poised above it on a spring-loaded plunger. You
smack the plunger, and the two heavy steel blocks smash together,
flattening whatever is between them. It might take several blows if
you flatten them a lot, but no distortion or marks. Sorry–I don’t
remember what they called it. We all loved this tool for preparing
things to be soldered together (or fused, in our case) without


Ann, Tighten the mill 1/2 of what you usually would, pass the wire
circle thru the mill and then tighten the mill the other 1/2 and turn
the piece 90 degrees and pass it thru again. You should end up with a
circle. Joel

Joel Schwalb