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Flask sitting before casting?

Hey folks, per the instructions, I let my invested flasks sit for 2 hours before placing them in the kiln for burnout, it works fine. My question is, how long can I let them sit if I needed to (power outage or other unforseen issue)? I have heard of people going days between investing and burnout. I would assume you would want them to stay wet and not dry out. Any thought?

I regularly have a day to a week wait between investing and casting. If it’s only a day, I just leave it. If it’s longer I wrap the flask a damp paper towel and put it in a plastic bag. Never had a problem.

~ Wendy

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The jeweler I learned casting from would do something similar to what Wendy described. He would take a rectangular bin and prop it up at about a 30 degree angle. Then he would put some water in the low end of the bin. He’d set the flasks in above the water and put a lid on the bin. He says they can sit for days like that - so long as you keep water in the bin - until you are ready to do burnout. I must admit that I’ve never tried it.