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Flashy tea

    Noel, I have a ring that I make, using a transparent crystal
opal with 1/2 carat of diamond melee behind the opal. 

Doug , I’m curious about whether any one has noticed “frosting” of
the opal , where the diamonds rub against it ? . I would think that
the diamond rubbing against the opal surface would scuff it into
opaqueness rather quickly … ??

Mark Clodius

Noel, How about some good quality fiery Labradorite and/or Rainbown
Moonstone beads? They are natural and you could perhaps make them
somewhat stationary and face the fiery side in accordance with the
lighting you plan to have. Also, Labradorite is sort of
greenish/grayish and it looks like certain teas… (Green Tea comes
to mind) Best of luck, maybe we’ll get to see the project finished
even if on a picture? It sounds fascinating!

Vera Battemarco

Noel, How many chipped diamonds did you say you needed? I know I
have a few around the shop that I would be willing to donate.
Anybody else out in orchid land have some for Noel? " Janine-- 

The diamonds you so generously sent arrived in today’s mail. I am
blown away by your generosity. It is a great start towards filling my
"teabag", and I am touched. I hope I get the chance to return the
favor some time. Noel

Wow! I just got a packet of mixed flashy stones in the mail,
unnanounced and unexpected, from Karen Ramsey! They look really great
together in their bag. You folks out there are really the absolute
tip-top best! I love you! Thank you!!!



Just a thought , natural gems , “flashy” [ high dispersion]
inexpensive , not common but available . White Zircon , should be
just a few dollars a piece in small [ 3 mm] size in quantity

Mark Clodius

Hi Noel,

I realize I’m really late responding to this, but
has drilled rough diamonds and small crystals that might be what you
are looking for. You can see them at . I
haven’t used them before (just have them bookmarked for future
reference) so I can’t vouch for them in any way, but they might be
something you could use.

Wired Contemporary Jewelry