Fixing a Plated Piece

Hi all –

I have a church paten (plate for a priest’s host) that was
dropped and has a big dimple on the edge. I’ve done as much as I
think I can with it without annealing it, but it still needs
help. I’ve never worked with anything plated before – can it be
annealed safely? Is there anything special that I need to do for
it ? As far as I can tell, the piece has silver and gold plate
over what looks to be copper (at least that’s what it looks like
from the bottom where it has rubbed off over the years). There
are no markings on it anywhere that would give me any help in
determining exactly what the composition is. Thanks in advance for
any help !!

Laura Wiesler

Well, since nobody else has answered…when I have annealed or
soldered plated jewelry, the plating has generally burned off
that area, whether I protected it with flux or not. So I do what
I have to do, polish it up, and send it off for re-plating. Let
me know if you need names of platers. (They’ll polish it,
too…and even finish fixing the dent if you want to

FYI: with jewelry, you can often avoid replating if you or a
friend has a Sparkie to replace the post or whatever with.

Cindy Eid and

Cindy – Thanks for the help. I had a couple of responses
offline and the agreement was to stay away from annealing.
Replating will probably be in the future for this piece, but I’m
not sure when. Until then, the dimple has been greatly
minimized and the outside line of the plate remains intact. Laura