Fitting titanium pins on titanium plate

Hello all,

I want to make a big number of simple and strait titanium ear
jewellery. Here for I want to fit titanium pins of 0.8 mm on plates of
titanium. These pins are used for the poussettes (curly butterfly
clips which holds the earring in place in your ear) I’ve tried drilling
a hole and glue the pins in. This works reasonable but takes a lot of
time. Also for thin plate material below 1 mm there will be not enough
glue surface. Also I do not want the pins stick trough and rivet them,
this destroys the outside look. But commercial ear pins seems to be
pin welded, or something. Does any one know how the do this and with
what equipment. But also other suggestion for fittings these pins on
titanium plate will be welcome.

a waiting for your response

Martin Niemeijer

dear Martin, You might look to our web site-<>.
It sounds like you need a Sparkie II welder and our fusion titanium
posts. Fusion welding is about the only way you can do what you want.
You could fax us your design so we can get a clearer picture of your
needs. (1-520-634-6734) Bill

A comany called Triad in Chartley, Massachusetts makes the device
that you need. It is called a fusion welder, and will fuse posts onto
titanium. There are 2 models- Sparkie 1 and Sparkie 2. Either will
fuse pusts- the larger unit has more power and can also fuse a wide
variety of findings such as omega backs, pin backs, and joints, etc.
The findins are available in sterling, gold alloys, platinum and

Rick Hamilton

Triad builds it but you usually get a better price from the
distriputors. Reactive Metals Studio helped write the instructions
for the units when they first came out. There are many places to buy
it, but support is often a key factor. Bill

Triad does offer great support. I did purchase my Sparkie 2 from
Bill, however. Whatever… Fusion welding is a useful way of attaching
findings, and for metals such as titanium and niobium, the only
practical solution short of a laser welder.