Fitting blade in jeweler's saw

I use the notch in my bench pin and about the same technique Helen
describes, holding the blade in place with my thumb of the left hand
on the handle while I tighten the thumb screw.

Theresa Bright

I have taught metalsmithing since 1992 and never had a woman balk
at chest-usage-to-tighten-blade. 

I Never liked the feeling of the saw pressing on my chest. I’ve
always used my belly and tightened my abdominal muscles to get flex
in the saw against the bench. Probably the only “exercise” I ever
get in the studio.


Surprising indeed. In order to put correct amount of tension,
frame only needs to be compressed a millimeter or so 

On a 3 inch frame, yes. On a 5 inch frame, that’s not very tight,
and a larger frame even more so. I use my sternum, but it does take
a fair amount of pressure to get the blade tight enough for my

Ray Brown