Fitting bezels to curved ring shanks

Invented the wheel or not, but I think I’ve found a good way to fit
the underside of a bezel to the round ring shank.

I bought a set of 24 wooden doming punches/hammers several years
ago. Their diameters range from 11 to 25 mm. Suddenly it occurred to
me that there wouldalways be one that would fit the inner diameter
of the ring I was making. Ijust covered the punch with coarse
sandpaper, and rubbed the underside of the bezel over it until it
exactly fitted the ring. It works! This is after years of suffering.
Hope it works for you too! Irene

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One could do the same with a stepped mandrel. I bet it would work
well: no taper and graduated in size, low (relative) cost, about

Ring mandrel works great too. Sane principle.

That sounds so simple it begs the question ‘why didn’t I think of
that’! Thanks for the tip Lynn

It a good method, a little slow. I do most of it with a file, then
switch to the sanding method once it gets close. Between a ring file,
regular 8" half round & the 2 sides of an 8" crossing file, I have 4
options to start with. Match the closest size file to the inside of
ring gauge.