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FIT seminar

Pam, yes I attended the FIT seminar and found it very informative.
Both Kim Nelson and Dominick Ventura were very knowledgeable. I have
the Rhino evaluation copy on my computer now and have been going
through the tutorial. I can see that it will take some time to learn
all of the many facets of this program.


Hi Joel,

What was the seminar at FIT that you are referring to? I graduated
from FIT and have been a designer in the home textiles industry for 7
years. Recently, I have been exploring jewelry design. I am aware
that FIT has a major in jewelry design. I have been reluctant to
consider taking any classes at this time. However, I would be
interested in attending any specail seminars or lectures…especially
if you feel they are worth while. Any feedback is appreciated.


For regarding upcoming special events at FIT be sure to
check out the JDPN website, they may have something scheduled in the
near future. The Jewelry Design Professionals’ Network, is at: Recently they featured two speakers on digital design
at FIT (August 17) for an evening meeting, cost to non members $10.
There are many other links and resources available at the website as

Michael David Sturlin, jewelry artist @Michael_Sturlin

Michael Sturlin Studio, Scottsdale Arizona USA

The FIT seminar on Computer Aided Design (CAD) was organized by the
JDPN (Jewelry Design Professionals’ Network.) FIT’s head of Jewelry
Design, Tony Lent, has been very kind in giving the JDPN space to meet
in and hold it’s seminars. Many of the JDPN members are alumni of FIT,
including our President, Stephanie Occhipinti. If you would like more
about the JDPN, we’ve set up a website at or
you can contact me offlist.

FIT is a great school for continuing education classes and you can
take many jewelry design-related classes without having to commit to
the degree program. School starts up again next week, so if you would
like to check out the class selection and availability, now is the
perfect time to come by and register. Good luck! Juliet Gamarci