First woman to be trained in Idar-Oberstein

I have a friend whose mom was the first woman ever to be trained in
Idar-Oberstein and she had a career here in stone carving and art.

It’s an important bit of history! What questions should we ask?



What questions to ask, indeed! I’d start with simple, open-ended
questions - the “who, what, where, when, why and how” stuff.

Who was your mentor? What did you do (details)? What did you like
about it? What didn’t you like about it? Where (exactly) did you
work? When did you start working there? When did you transition to
_______? Why did you choose this career? How did you get into the
industry? How did you deal with your male counterparts?

Let us know how your interview goes!
Linda in central FL
Where the coyotes were partying on the hayfield last night

What agreat opportunity to talk with this lady!

I would love to know: How she got chosen to be trained?; What were
the reactions of other apprentices?; What is her favorite memory of
her career?

I can’t wait to hear about this woman!

Donna W.
Huntsville, AL, USA