First time making custom jewelry from home, any tips?

Hi guys, new to the forum! My name is Hiram and ive been a small shop custom jeweler for more than 11yrs. iam finally confident enough to make stuff from home, and currently getting my tools together to make it from home(3D CAD, Casting, Setting)- any tips with covering my butt from legal issues?? any licences or titles i need to have before iam able to sell custom the right way. i live in Texas, iam pretty good at what i do, but the bookeeping /buisness side- i dont know enough, i iwll be making custom jewelery only a couple times a month while i keep a day job at the shop- thanks in advance, this is my first jeweler forum and i hope i came to the right place.


Beautiful design and craftsmanship!

Talk to your insurance company. They may be concerned about the type of torch you use, whether you have students or having customers come into your house. In PA there were no legal or license issues constraining home production.

For bookkeeping there are a number of teachers who talk about the business end of the production and online tools for keeping track of costs.

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@lordlocotx, preventing legal issues is a broad category.

Read the following threads, and at the very least they might help you to ask more specific questions:

If you are currently working in a shop, ask if the Fire Marshall routinely inspects. The inspectors are probably firemen from your local fire department …but don’t call them with questions. A one-man operation is not likely on their radar, but they may take an interest in a small business if other folks are allowed in the building, such as employees or customers. The Fire Marshall has the legal authority to make you comply with their safety regulations.

It’s ok to call your Department of Revenue for answers about reporting revenue and tax.