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First time attendee at the MJSA Expo

Good evening all,

I am a jewelry designer just starting out and I will be attending the
MJSA Expo this coming Sunday and I would like to know what can I
learn and gain from the Expo? I am currently looking for financing
to have my first jewelry piece made, so I am on a quest. All advice
is greatly appreciated. Thank you and God Bless, Jesus loves you.

Kenya Hudson
LKG Designs Inc


MJSA is a trade show for manufacturers, you will see all sorts of
new and innovative technologies, alloy manufacturers, casting
company’s etc. I have never noticed financiers at the show, but I
wasn’t looking. There will be folks there at the show who can help
you manufacture your work but they generally want to make 100’s of
units not one or two. I have been having a few firms make clasps,
chains etc for me in a specific alloy and one has to purchase these
type of products in 300 [at minimum] 500 or 1000 grams orders, or in
units of 500, 1000 or more.

300 grams is not considered anything by most companies and I have
had several firms just not interested in working on my projects. I
had to go to the shows several times to finally find the right fits
for me. I don’t know what you are wanting to have created but expect
to make that type of commitment. You can get a cad or model making
company to create a model, you can get a casting company to cast a
one off, you could get some of the casting companies to finish the
piece set the stones etc. But you are paying for a model to be

There is a company called Best Cast that will make a model for you.
There are several casting companies that will cast one off’s there.
AU enterprizes used to do casting work for me but that was years ago.
I use someone else now. Their are company’s that will do all of that
for you without having to go to a major trade show. But the shows are
a great way to learn just what is out there.

I hope that you have done a little homework about just what you want
to have done and how much you expect the thing or things to weigh,
what type of alloy you want to use etc. Have you given any thought
as to where you are going to market this product? the questions go on
and on. I would love to know if you find any firms who finance
projects, I look forward to hearing on line about your experience at
the show. good luck,

Hi Kenya and all Orchidians,

Please stop by the Metalwerx Booth at 121 and say hello. If you
bring your catalog of vendors with you, I’ll try and steer you to
some of the people I know who are at the show.

Despite the weather, it looks like it will be a great show!

Javits Center
Sunday thru Tuesday