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Firing FS viking knit chain with PMC3


I now have several FS chains made and want to make a bracelet. I
know that I can use PMC3 to make the clasp. Will firing up to 1110F
change the structure/flexibility of the chain? I like the slinkiness
of the chain and don’t want to have the “links” fused together.



The melting point of fine silver is 1760 degrees so that’s not a
problem. The only issue will be annealing of the wire. At 1110
degrees for PMC3, or even 1200 degrees for Art Clay 650 clay, the
wire will become soft and lose any resistance. After firing you can
work harden the bracelet by tumbling with stainless steel shot and
water for a couple of hours. I believe you can also fire harden the
silver at about 700 degrees F. for an hour or so, but others on this
site far more expert than I can speak to this.