Firescale when switching white gold alloys

i just switched white gold alloys because my refining company said
theirs was very white. i just casted up 10 pieces with it and it is
whiter but, when i assemble pieces together it firescales really
heavy, i have to pickle the hell out of it. also the solder does not
flow the same way on it. i alloy down to 585. i have not called the
refiner yet, has anybody ever had this problem before. i never had
this problem with the other alloy. maybe i should go back to the
other one, although it is not as white as this one and requires


Matthew- i have the same problem i have better luck when i reduce
the length of time i heat the piece ive started using a mixture of
one part luxiflux 5 parts alchohol (not alchohol solvent) and a few
tbl spoons of boric acid. then i use a acylene flame good and hot get
in and out lickity split. when i spend to much time on the heat the
stuff starts growing black mold. i am coming to the conclusion these
alloys are not designed for the little guy’s like me and you they
are design for controlled atmosphere and high tech control
capability. one of these days if i get time im giong to see if i can
tig weld the stuff because the tig torch puts out an argon shield who
knows maybe i can rig somthing up (like the massve steel crucibles
where a carbn arc melts the metal) in the crucible w/ the
tig torch - good luck- goo