Firescale removal

I often use Nitric acid, 30% dil solution or so, and and apply by
(disposable) brush to a heavily firescaled area, then bobbing cmpd on a 2"
stiff brush. it eats up firescale. This trick a wise jeweler taught me
(Thanks Eben Lenz!)

Hi Virginia - I tried the same thing - annealing and pickling to bring out
a fine silver finish, with brushing… But when the piece starts to tarnish
after a number of months… surprise! firescale is still there and
noticeable. I don’t think there is any real remedy to firescale other than
taking the time to solder correctly (i.e., patiently) and sanding it off if
it occurs.

Lori Bugaj

Virginia, Some six months ago Bill Eisenberg excitingly posted a sure fire
easy method to deal with fire scale.

In desperation he ferreted under the kitchen sink and among Rose’s cleaning
supplies found Kopper Clean. It is the liquid form, not the powder. He
applied it to the silver, and no more fire scale. The product was bought
locally at a Fedco Store, now in liquidation. I will see Bill on Tuesday
and ask him for the label if you cannot locate it in your area.