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Firescale removal

Dear all, The attention recently to firescale prevention methods
reminded us of a tidbit of info we learned several years ago. We use
boric acid/alcohol and work mostly in gold of various karatages.
Even though I tried to be careful in my prep work, I was called the
queen of pink, as I frequently ended up with rosie areas after
soldering, sometimes in areas that were difficult to repolish. It
came to our attention that sparex pickle spiked with 3% hydrogen
peroxide (the kind readily available in drug stores) will help a lot
in these situations. It seems to up the effectiveness of the
pickling action, though it does tend to gas off a bit.
Unfortunately, this solution reportedly does not remove firescale
from sterling, though I have personally not tried it on sterling.

Golden Touch Jewelry
Mason City, Iowa

I’d like to reort that pickle/hydrogen peroxide mix does work on
sterling. I just add a jolt to the hot pickle with the item already
submersed. The warning here is that it only removes the surface
firescale not the deep layers - so you need to inspect after every
heating. Tony Konrath