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Fireproof gloves

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This won’t solve everyone’s glove requirements, but it may do for
some. I saw a television ad last night for the ‘Ove’ Glove (‘Ove’ is
short for Oven, apparently). It looks much like a gardening glove,
but is constructed of cotton on the inside and Kevlar™ and
Nomex™ on the outside. The manufacturer claims it’ll withstand
temperatures of 480F.

One major drawback is that the glove loses its’ insulative
properties when wet. Besides being advertised on TV, one web site I
found through Googling “‘Ove’ Glove” says they can be bought at Big
Box stores everywhere (presumably, “everywhere” means “everywhere in
the USA”). Here is an excerpt:

 They're advertised at K-Mart, Eckerd Drugs, Rite-Aid and
Walgreen's and can be found at several other stores as well.

The price? Around $16.00, US

James in SoFl