Firebrick kilns Vs Fiber kilns

Hello, my name is Joey and I would like to know what is best for
a small shop with a very tight budget, firebrick kiln or the
fiber ? Also I will be doing casting about two flasks per week
can i get by with short arm caster or would it be better to go
with the long arm caster? Thanks

IHi Joey, The fiber kilns are available smaller and cheaper(also
cheaper to ship) than firebrick kilns. if you can get a fiber
kiln with an electronic controller (digital readout,Preferably
programmable)it would be the best possible choice . As far as
casting is concerned, Take a look at the system i’m
using.Depending on how you do your investing, you may not
need/want a centrifuge.If you have no vacuum system at all, then
a simple broken arm machine will do.If you already have a vac
bell jar system, then it is easy to set up for vac casting.
workshop … Daniel