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Fire Scale Revisited

A story in three parts:

Part One.

I have a customer for whom I made a large silver and copper belt
buckle. This Texan polishes the buckle with Worchestershire
sauce. It not only looks good, it smell good too.

Part Two.

I just sweat soldered some silver medallions onto 24 G sterling
silver. The pieces all showed some fire scale. The pieces were
dipped into the Boric acid/Borax/ Alcohol mix and the alcohol
burned off. During the final polishing the dreaded fire scale
showed. I decided to try the W sauce to see if it would remove
the fire scale.

Part Three.

I never got to the frig and the W sauce. Under the sink is some
stuff the wife uses for cleaning copper bottomed pots and pans. I
put some on the fire scale at one point and did not rub it about
as it feels gritty. I just applied the stuff and let it stand a
few minutes. Don’t you just love suspense?

Yes, it sure reduced the fire scale. It is "KLEEN KING"
Stainless Steel and Copper Cleaner made by Faultless Starch/Bon
Ami Company

Bill in Vista