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Fire retardant

Dear Mr. Friedman

I apologize, I misunderstood the question, something nagged me and I
reread the post. There is a product called NO-BURN Fabric Fire Gard.
You can get a quart spray bottle at
for $19.95 (no shipping). This product is UL, ULC, ES, rated and
having looked, the manufacture is approved by the State of California
for fire retardants.

the State of Californis has stricter codes than dose the
Underwriters Laboratory. I think this is worth looking into, but to
be fair I am sure there are other productster regulation, this I
understand is the # 1 product, but even whatever this will work. I am
sure someone else may want to know this. i cheched the manufature’s
page but apparently they prefer to sell the gallon size.