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Fire Agate source


I have a number of fine fire agates on my web site and I cut to order as well.

It is rare to find fire agates in calibrated sizes as the nature of
the botryoidal surfaces requires an undulating irregular cut to
reveal the fiery colors and figures. An overcut of .1 mm can remove
ALL of the fire… more delicate than opal!

All of my stones are much BETTER than the image shows online. This is
especially true of fire agate and opal which are very hard to get
good images.

Small changes in direction of light source and/or viewer make large
differences in what is revealed.

Multi color stones are the most sought after… with purples being the
finest and most rare. I have stones that are shiny copper domes,
green, red, yellow and a few of the purples… Colors with the
exception of copper color, are almost never alone but mixed with
other colors.

I also try to cut my fire agates so that they show color on top and
bottom… It does not turn out often but is very cool when it does…
I have a few of these in stock now.

With references, I am willing to send a group of stones on acceptance
to Orchid members. This really the best way to get what you want…

Have the client on hand and let them decide on the shape and colors…
then create a design to fit the stones shape and color.

This has also been known to cause gray hairs in male and female
jewelers :>)

Orchid ROCKS

All the best in all things,

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