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Finishing edges of filled gold

I was looking at some filled gold sheet, which is attractive from a
price standpoint over 14k. This may be a dumb question, but I don’t
understand how the edges would be finished to avoid raw brass edges.
Do I need to solder 14k wire to the edges? Something else?


I have been using some gold filled sheet and was worried about the
brass on the edges. The sheet I ordered is gold filled on both sides,
back and front, and to my delight, there does not seem to be a
problem with the brass edges. So far, I just don’t see a dark rim.

I have not been sawing it, but have been cutting it with my Beverly
shear, which cuts curves as well as straight lines. Therefore, the
edges are smooth and not rough and do not need any filing. I The
main problem is that it is difficult to solder, even using the solder
meant for gold filled products, so I have to rely on cold connections
as much as possible.

On the plus side, I have textured it by running it through the
rolling mill, and the gold surface holds up nicely. I was concerned
that I might be destroying it, particularly where it is deeply
textured, but that has not been the case.