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Finishing burs


i recently discovered some wonderful burs that i use for stone setting (cutdown, pave) and though i would share!

i mysteriously had two burs in my bur box…i loved them and wanted more sizes…I have no idea where i got them…

i hunted them down and finally found kits(!) at Otto Frei…! (using the Busch #)

They are called “finishing burs” and are very fine cut…they cut very smooth…

cylinder square
round ball

I Love them and thought someone else might like to know about them too!

(haha! listing says finishing burs are the most popular…!..i never knew…!)



on a related note…speaking of chatter and walking burs…Blaine Lewis has great stone setting tips in the below video, found on the Rio Grande website.

one of the tips that really interested me was about running burs in reverse…whereby they still cut, but tend not to grab as much…

I was excited to learn about this, and got an SR Foredom motor with forward and reverse function, although now i think a micromotor would be even better…

I thought I would share, in case someone else was thirsty for this tip…