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Finishing 14K cast piece

Hi A: First if all, thanks so much for your wonderful suggestion re
pricing. It was all really helpful, and relieved a lot of my
anxiety about how to handle it.

Next, as I go further into this customer request, I realize I don’t
know very much about things cast in 14K. The only goldwork I have
done has been fabrication in 18 and 22K.

So: when I get the piece back, can I tumble it in a rotary tumbler?
(the only kind I have). With Sterling, I use the mixed shapes steel
shot, and usually, Rio’s deburring and then burnishing liquid. Can
I use the same the same method on 14K Gold? Since this will be a one
of a kind piece, I really don’t want to mess things up in the final

Orchids are really wonderful people. Boy, are we lucky!