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Fine/Sterling "oxidizing" differences

I have never tried antiquing or “oxidizing” fine silver and I am
wondering how noticeable the difference will be between Fine and
Sterling. I recently had to mix Fine and Sterling jump rings together
to finish a necklace. I can tell where the fine silver is, but as
long as its polished it looks acceptable…if I decide to use l.o.s,
or Winox/blackmax will the color change be very noticeable? Would one
be better than the other (l.o.s or winox)? Would normal wear and
tarnish (without extra oxidizing) make it more noticeable? I had
assumed that oxidizing agents would not work as well on Fine, but I
have been told recently that the color difference is negligible…is
this true?


I find significant differences in oxidizing fine silver and sterling
with liver of sulfer. I can get much interesting variations with the
sterling, but the fine gives me a bland and dull, uniform result.