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Fine Silver Stamp


What stamp is used on an item made of fine silver? I don’t
recall seeing any. Frances

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Frances: It would be 999.9 fine.



In Germany we used a stamp with “1000.” I too would like to
know what is correct in the US.

Alan Revere

   What stamp is used on an item made of fine silver?  I don't
recall seeing any. Frances 

while anyone is free to use fine silver, it is uncommon to see
pieces made entirely of it, at least in commercial trade. So
there is no commonly recognized stamp that most would associate
only with fine silver, unless you want to stamp an item “fine
silver”, “pure silver”, or the like. The legally correct stamp
would be the simple “999” stamp, indicating a virtually pure
metal (It would be prudent to assume some slight degree of non
silver metal, such as in solders, etc, so the extra 001 variance
is reasonable for most work. There is no legal need to also use
the word silver with that 999 mark, but it would be good to do so
as well, for clarity sake.

Peter Rowe