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Fine silver polishing strategy

If you could identify what put the scratches in then you're most
of the way there. 

I’m pretty sure the buffing actually put the scratches in, as I was
pretty carefull to pre-sand. I have done the suggested procedure
using a “rake” on the wheel to precondition it, and carefully
burning away the stray threads. I’m hoping that was the problem.
“Wheel” see.

All finishing steps (files, emery, tripoli, rouge etc.) just replace
big scratches with finer ones until they are too small to see. All
bets off when you try to wash out your sterling piece after
polishing, fine is even worse.

A fine brass brush really slow with soapy water is my preferred
finish for silver. (after blue dialux rouge ) Holds up well and does
not get scratched when sliding into a poly zip bag.

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