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Fine silver chain marking

I make fine silver loop-in-loop chains by fusing .999 silver wire (from Rio Grande is it matters) and am at a loss how to ‘hallmark/tag’ them. They’re not .925 and so marking them as Sterling wouldn’t be appropriate.
Thank you in advance.

What is the dilemma? you mark them .999 or “fine silver”. You can order a quality stamp from most jewelry suppliers. You can make .999 tags from silver clay as well. Or order a custom stamp from a stamp manufacturer such as Infinity Stamp. If you do this, you can incorporate your own makers mark to create a unique hallmark tag.

If you want to mark the chain .925, it would also be legal, since the alloy will test .925 or better. But using a .999 stamp would be more accurate.

Thank you. My online-searchfu has thus far failed me in finding a .999 stamp. I’ll have to rethink my search terms or something. I figured it had to be something simple that I missed.
Thank you as well for the guidance regarding the use of Sterling so long as it’s .925 ‘or better’.

I bought a 999 stamp at Rio Grande. They had several sizes

I think you’ve gotten advice on where to get the smallest stamp…microstamps, I belive they’re called. <> is the site to order very small ones. However, I think you were saying you couldn’t figure out where to put the mark…on small jewelry chains there is often a flattened larger link put in at the end of the chain where it joins to the fastener. You make it just large enough that your “999” fits on it. I think this is what you were asking about. -royjohn

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Yes, I was thinking the same thing- us a small tag- Rio has them- add onto the clasp links