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Fine leather cording


Hello Everybody- I am so glad to have this forum to come to with
questions! Thanks to everyone who has helped in the past. I am
looking for a source of fine leather cording, but also strips of
leather, for making necklaces and the like. I could probably use
scraps from a quality leather worker. Any suggestions? I have bought
leather cording from Rio Grande, but am not very
happy as it is stiff. Thanks- Cherie


The best place in my opinion for leather scrap or lacings is
Tandy… they are online at That is where I
have always shopped for any animal hide/leather I have needed. They
also have beads tools etc…

Their selection is good, all of the lacings I have gotten have been
soft and they carry more than just cow hide. I would die w/ out them
:slight_smile: . Usual disclaimer. Cece


I’ve had good luck dealing with Moscow Hide and Fur for leather in
the past. I only use stuff I brain tan myself now (for projects
other than jewelry) but I have bought leather from them through the
years. They are good about digging through their stock to match what
you need and their catalogues area a hoot! They sell about every
legal animal part you can imagine. They are online. I think their web
address is

Hope this is helpful. Chris in Rainy Ketchikan, Alaska

Disclaimer: I don’t work for them or anything, just a satisfied